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Healthy Living at Any Age

Tips and insight in honor of National Women’s Health Week 2015

National Women’s Health Week (May 10-16, 2015) is an observance led by the Office on Women’s Health (OWH). The goal is to empower women to make their health a priority. It’s also a time to help women understand what steps they can take to improve their health. To commemorate, Grace Ridge is spreading the word about the initiative and sharing helpful information and healthy living tips for women at any age.

Many women are surprised by the facts on women’s health today. For instance, did you know:

  • Research shows a healthy lifestyle matters more than genes in helping avoid poor health.
  • By age 75, 1 in 2 women does not engage in any physical activity[1]
  • 30 minutes of brisk walking each day is enough to lower your risk of breast cancer.[2]
  • Eating 2 ½ cups of fruits and veggies per day is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease.[3]

So, what can women, whether in their 60s, 70s or 80s and beyond, do for better health? Here are a few steps to take, as well as some real-life tips for each:

  1. Get active.
    • Take a walk with your neighbors.
    • Attend a fitness class.
    • Take a dance lesson.
    • Take up an outdoor hobby like gardening or hiking.
  2. Be proactive.
    • Schedule regular checkups and preventive screenings.
    • Talk to your doctor about your risk for conditions like osteoporosis and take preventative steps to help keep your bones strong.
    • Attend a wellness seminar or workshop.
  3. Eat healthy.
    • Eat in more often. Take turns cooking healthy meals with friends and family.
    • Sip on water instead of sodas and sugary drinks.
    • Skip the salt. Experiment with different spices and herbs instead!
  4. Pay attention to mental health.
    • Get enough sleep at night.
    • Manage your stress.
    • Stay socially active and engaged with friends and family.
    • If you’re experiencing changes in mood, depression or anxiety, talk to someone.

What should you be doing to live a healthier life? Here are some helpful resources to get started:


[1] The Healthy Woman: A Complete Guide for All Ages (OWH)
[2] American Cancer Society
[3] Dept. of Health and Human Services (Dietary Guidelines)