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Grace Ridge Residents Give The Gift of Education

Gracious living is always mentioned in retirement community promotions targeted to seniors looking for retirement opportunities. Gracious giving is not often mentioned, but is a big part of who we are at Grace Ridge Retirement Community.

Grace Ridge residents publish a newsletter once a month called “Mountain Views.” The May issue included an article on the Grace Ridge Educational Loan Committee and its helping launch full-time careers of many part-time Grace Ridge employees.

Nathan worked in the dining room and wanted to be a lab technician. The committee funded Nathan’s continuing education for two years. A few years later, one of the residents on the committee needed lab work at Grace Hospital. Guess who helped her and called her “sweetheart?” Nathan.

Sonya received help 15 years ago from the fund to earn her RN degree. Just recently our director Brenda had to have minor surgery at Grace. Guess who her nurse was? Sonya. And she told Brenda she never forgot who helped her become a nurse.

Amy also received help from the fund and is now an RN in the Grace Ridge HealthCare and Skilled Nursing center.

Awards are based on individual needs. We have a container and a thermometer in the lobby marking a goal of $5,000 for anyone needing help this fall semester. We look forward to hearing the hopes and dreams of our employees who want to earn degrees, and we are proud that we can help contribute in some way to their education.