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Live Longer, Grow Stronger and Celebrate Healthy Aging Month

Ask any senior for advice on how to age well and you’ll likely hear some standard answers: eat healthy, stay active and get enough sleep. Unless, of course, you ask 110-year-old Ruby Clodfelter, in which case you’ll hear, “Eat junk food!”

But what about some other lesser-known tips for living longer, say, eating chocolate, petting a dog and clearing your mind through relaxation exercises?

Healthy Aging at Grace Ridge

In celebration of Healthy Aging Month, Grace Ridge is hosting the Live Longer, Grow Stronger Senior Wellness Fair on Thursday, Sept. 25, from 8-11 a.m. We’re bringing together happiness, health and wellness specialists to highlight a variety of techniques and strategies for aging well – from routine health screenings to a presentation on the benefits of eating chocolate.

Residents and members of the community can take advantage of several free health screenings – cholesterol, hearing, bone density, blood pressure, diabetes and respiratory – as well as balance assessments, fitness testing and emWave HeartMath testing. Have questions about your medications? Head over to the medication education booth to learn about medication-medication and medication-food interactions.

But here at Grace Ridge, our wellness events don’t just focus on revitalizing the mind and body; we’re also all about promoting Good Moods! Be sure to visit the refreshment station, where you can grab a smoothie, hear some nutritional tips, learn how to grow your own herb garden and pick up a few healthy recipes.

Wind down with a mind clearing relaxation class, make your way to a massage chair or perfect your downward facing dog with a yoga demonstration. And speaking of dogs, be sure to say hello to the pet therapy pooches who will be making their way through the wellness fair.

And if all this still doesn’t quench your thirst for all things related to healthy aging, we also scoured the web for tips to help you stay at your peak. According to this WebMD post, no matter what your age, you can stay at your personal best with these expert tips; the National Eye Institute offers resources for promoting healthy vision in aging well; and the Alliance of Aging Research features an interesting blog centered on Healthy Aging Month.

Cheers to seniors and to building healthier habits to stay active and age well!