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Handcrafts Making A Comeback at Grace Ridge Retirement Community

Handcrafts have been surging in recent years with more people becoming interested in quilting, sewing and knitting. At Grace Ridge, we have the “Table Rock Knitting Group” that meets weekly.

We’re especially lucky that Susan from O’Suzannah’s Yarn Shop will join the group the first Monday of the month to share her skills with beginners and help them learn the basics. Along with our own skilled knitters, Susan will be available to anyone to help with a stitch or a pattern.

So if you’d like to hone your skills as a knitter or take up a new craft, come join us in the Table Rock Lounge the first and third Mondays of each month at 2 p.m. You can make items for your personal use or to add to our collection we are making for the Christmas sale in November!