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Dr. Lori’s antiques appraisal show coming to Grace Ridge, August 18

From ancient coins and comic books to ham radios and lava lamps, if something tangible exists, you can pretty much bet there’s someone out there who collects it and its value will vary greatly. While a movie theater ticket stub from a first date back in the 1950s will likely only have sentimental value, a rare gold snuffbox that once belonged to royalty could be worth thousands.

What do both of these items have in common? A fascinating back story. The hugely popular and often-entertaining world of antiques and collectibles comes to Morganton on Aug. 18 when Dr. Lori, star antiques appraiser of Discovery channel’s “Auction Kings,” brings her appraisal comedy show to Grace Ridge Retirement Community.

Invited guests have a chance to bring an antique or collectible to be appraised as part of this entertaining and one-of-a-kind Good Moods event. When it comes to the types of items Dr. Lori can appraise, the sky’s the limit.

Appraising your Antiques

Beer steins. Postcards. Belleek china. Hot Wheels toy cars. Blanket chests. Masonic memorabilia. Hummel figurines. Beanie Babies. Costume jewelry. The list goes on and on. Dr. Lori’s rule of thumb is: If you can carry it into Grace Ridge, she can appraise it. If it’s too big to carry, you can bring a photo or take a photo of the item with your phone or iPad.

For those who would rather come empty-handed, we promise you’ll have a good time, too. You can just sit back, relax, hear Dr. Lori’s appraisal secrets and see what everyone else brings to the show.

Will Dr. Lori say that old cuckoo clock belongs in the trash or that childhood PEZ collection is worth big money? Come find out on Aug. 18. You provide the antique or collectible, we’ll provide the Good Mood!

If you want to be part of the wildly fun Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show on Aug. 18, register ASAP on our Good Times event page. Space is limited. To learn more insider information about antiques and collectibles, visit Dr. Lori’s website.

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